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SteelCityPops: A popsicle oasis

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on May 30, 2012

SteelCityPops is one of the best things that just happened to the Birmingham area. This popsicle paradise is located near downtown Homewood in a newly revamped shopping center. On this hot day I needed to taste something cold, so I decided to pay this shop a visit. Once I walked in I felt right at home, I saw someone that I knew and she recommended that I try the kiwi (kiwi, lime, organic cane sugar, water) or the blackberry (blackberry, lemon, organic cane sugar, water) popsicle. However, I was in the mood for banana (banana, Mexican cinnamon, lemon, organic cane sugar, organic milk, cream) so this is what I got and it was so flavorful, the taste of banana and cinnamon really did something for my palate, yum!

Just so you know, SteelCityPops has over 2o flavors of popsicles, but they don’t offer all of their flavors everyday, so be on the lookout for your favorites. They offer two kinds of popsicle bases fruity and creamy. The pops are $2.75 a piece. And if you’re thirsty, they sell Provid Water and 100% of the profits from the sales support the building of clean water wells in Africa and India.

I think I just discovered my new summer hangout!

Steel City Pops on Urbanspoon


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Let’s do brunch at “Over Easy”!

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on August 8, 2011

Over Easy is a breakfast/brunch hotspot between Homewood and Mountain Brook (Hollywood area) that screams “retro”. Over Easy is located in a modern retro style shopping center that includes a Beal bank, Mexico Lindo, and a ABC Beverage Store.

I ordered “The Standard” which was supposed to include three buttermilk pancakes, two eggs cooked to order, and a choice of meat. However, I modified it to include one pancake, one scrambled egg, and three pieces of bacon. I’m so glad that I reduced the size because I couldn’t even eat all of what I had. The pancake was fluffy and a little salty; the sweet flavor of the maple syrup kinda covered up the salty taste, it was good. The egg was kinda bland but ok, and the bacon was extra delicious, not greasy. To drink I had a small glass of apple juice. And in total my bill was $8.88, not bad huh!

My friend had “The One Egg Breakfast” which comes with one egg cooked to order, choice of meat, grits or hash browns, toast or biscuit. So she got hash browns, stone ground organic blue cheese grits (the mozzarella cheese was at the bottom of the bowl and sprinkled on top, not stirred in), a biscuit, and a scrambled egg. They forgot to bring the scrambled egg out, so it came a few minutes after the entree. As we ate, she told me that she would have preferred the cheese to be mixed in and melted with the grits. Her drink was a glass of milk and her bill was about $8.00 as well.

Basically the food was quick, delicious, filling, and cheap. However, please keep in mind that some days you might have to wait for a table, but most of the time there is no wait. We definitely enjoyed our visit, to Over Easy, and will return very soon!

Over Easy on Urbanspoon

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Can you say “Pinches Tacos”!

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on June 17, 2011

Ok so I’m just getting in from Pinches Tacos and I couldn’t wait to write this review. Pinches has an authentic name and definitely an authentic vibe, with food that is “muy delicioso”! It is located in Homewood, AL in the Hallman Hill Condo Complex (Downtown Homewood). So if you want authentic/tasty quick Mexican cuisine, this is your place.

The reason I know that this place is authentic is because I lived and traveled throughout Mexico and the food at Pinches Tacos reminds me of the food I ate in Mexico. This is some of the real stuff ya’ll!

A friend and I visited Pinches for the first time on Tuesday of this week; I was so impressed with the quality and taste of the food that I had to go back (tonight) and bring two other friends with me so they could try it. I must admit that this experience was even better than the first because I got to meet the owner (Ty Taylor), the Executive Chef (Manuel Anaya), and add the tasty cuisine and good company, what more can I ask for!

“Our mission is simple, to provide you the best taco experience by using high quality meats and seafood, fresh garden vegetables, hand made tortillas and high quality artisan breads.”  Furthermore, I feel that the staff lives up to every aspect of this mission statement!

Thanks to Ty Taylor, we are fortunate, in Birmingham, to have this new eclectic Mexican eatery. The Anaya family started Pinches Tacos in Los Angeles, California by sharing their family recipes with the public. For your information, this is the only Pinches Tacos location outside of Los Angeles, thanks again Ty! The menu is fairly basic, it consists of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, sopes, tortas, flautas, quesadilla, and a few other food items. You can order each of these with your choice of meat, seafood, or a vegetarian option. Pinches has a Happy Hour on Monday-Friday (3pm-7pm) with a variety of Mexican & American sodas, margaritas, beer, and wine. On Saturdays and Sundays they serve “desayuno” (brunch) with various Mexican dishes, and on Friday nights they have live music.

Now more details about the food; tonight I ordered the Asada Taco (grilled angus beef taco with salsa verde) and the Guacamole/Chips/Salsa. All of this was simply “delicioso” because I could tell that it was served fresh and made from the heart. The soft shell taco was authentic because the tortilla was made from corn and not from flour; I prefer the corn tortilla.  The tacos are fairly small, so if you’re hungry you might want to order more than one.  I could tell that the salsa is made from fresh tomatoes, it was kind of watery but still good. The guacamole seemed like it was made while we waited; it had a good consistency and was also fresh. Also I kept asking for the salsa verde like it was going out of season. I poured it on my taco and I dipped my chips in it as well.

To drink, all of us ordered  the Blood Orange Margarita, and can I just say “dulce y fuerte” (sweet & strong). I really enjoyed it and would have gotten another if I wasn’t driving.

Jay ordered a variety of tacos that consisted of the Pollo Mole (chicken & mole), Asada (grilled angus beef), AlPastor (slow broiled marinated pork). With this he got rice, beans, and chips. He had no complaints and was just left wondering why I just told him about this restaurant lol!

Marcus had the Pollo Enchilada (chicken) and it comes with 3 per order, along with salsa roja, beans, & rice (he got a double order of rice). He said this food was so good that he will drive back from Tuscaloosa, just to have it again.

Lastly, the prices are so reasonable especially for the high-quality of food that you receive. I really enjoyed Pinches Tacos and I’m going back probably this weekend lol!

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Nabeel’s Cafe & Market

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on January 21, 2011

Nabeel’s Cafe serves Greek  & Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant is quaint and so cozy that it caused me to leave all of my distractions at the door; I was literally transplanted to a  country in Europe.

Next door to the restaurant, is a corner market that allows guests to buy Greek and Mediterranean groceries; such as meats, pastries, drinks, spices, and pre-cooked meals.

Upon our arrival, the owner took our jackets and sat us at a table next to the fire place; I felt so at home. Furthermore, this was the beginning of a “foodtastic” night that I wasn’t expecting!

Our Appetizers consisted of the following:

  • Baked Feta Theologos: Feta seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, & Greek oregano, wrapped in foil and baked. Served with toasted homemade bread. The feta spread was presented in aluminum foil that was shaped like a swan.  The feta spread almost reminded me of a garlic spread, based on taste, not presentation. There is no way to confuse garlic spread with feta spread because of the different textures and the sharp taste of the feta cheese. I gave this dish two thumbs up!

  • Bulgarian Roasted Peppers: Feta cheese with Kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle of basil topped with Bulgarian roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes & sherry tomatoes. Served with Pita Wedges and homemade bread. This tomato and roasted red pepper mixture was good, I’m not used to eating anything like that. The feta served with this dish was milder, so I ate it with the chopped tomatoes, roasted red peppers and pita bread; what an amazing combination of flavors that exploded in my mouth. The olives were a bit too salty for me, but thumbs up!

  • Stuffed Grape Leaves with Feta Cheese:  Grape leaves stuffed with rice and drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, with a side of Feta cheese. Served with Pita Wedges.Personally, I wasn’t a fan of this dish. The grape leaves had a poignant flavor that just didn’t agree with my palate. But I was told that this is one of the best selling dishes.

  • Pasta Fagioli: Italian soup made with chicken & tomato broth, pasta, beans, & vegetables. Served with a homemade slice of bread. Mom ordered this dish, and she loves it because she gets it every time that we visit.

  • Horiatiki (Peasant Greek Salad): A mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, Feta, Kalamata olives, Greek oregano & red onions. Served with homemade bread. Although delicious indeed, this salad is lettuce free. I never knew that I would enjoy a salad so much, that didn’t have lettuce in it. All of the vegetables were fresh and had a sweet tangy taste, from the housemade salad dressing.

(Entree & dessert mentioned in video below)

Our beverages consisted of the restaurant’s special iced mint tea, and it was so refreshing. It wasn’t too minty, but it kept my mouth feeling clean and yearning for more.

The following is based on a scale of 1-10: (1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest)

Ambiance: 9

Service: 10

Food: 9.5

The owner (John Krontiras) and the waiter (John) both gave us stellar service and their undivided attention. Thanks so much! Also, the cooks did an amazing job on everything. I had such a wonderful time; I think that I’ll go back this weekend!

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La Bamba

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on December 2, 2010

“La Bamba” is one of my favorite songs, and it’s also the name of a new restaurant in Edgewood. From the name, I’m sure you can tell that it’s a Mexican restaurant. It’s the bright orange & brick storefront next to “Saw’s BBQ” and “Dreamcakes”. (I gotta get a new pic)

It was raining the night, that mom and I visited La Bamba for the first time. We walked in and grabbed the first booth that we saw available.

The waiter brought chips & salsa to our table, and he took our drink orders. He was very friendly, and impressed with my Spanish speaking skills.

I ordered an Original Frozen Margarita, and mom had sweet tea. This was her first time going to a Mexican restaurant and wanting more sweet tea, because it was actually sweet and lemony. My margarita was poignant, a little sweet, and just tasty all around. It was so cold that it froze my straw and the plastic cup that it was in. I love a good cold margarita!

The waiter was very friendly and even sat down at our booth, in order to take our appetizer & entree orders.

For an appetizer we had a Chicken Tamale.

Tamales begin with a dough made from corn, called masa, and are generally wrapped in corn husks or plantain leaves before cooking, depending on the region from which they come. They usually have a sweet or savory filling and are typically steamed until firm. The Chicken Tamale from La Bamba was good; I’ve had better since I’ve traveled to many places in Mexico. The dish didn’t taste too fresh, it seemed like it had been made earlier that week. In order to capture the true taste, you’re gonna have to taste it for yourself, lol! It was served with a spicy dipping sauce, that had somewhat of a chipotle flavor.

By the time we finished the appetizer, our entrees came out. I ordered the Steak Fajita Quesadilla.

It consisted of grilled quesadilla bread, grilled steak, grilled red & green bell peppers, grilled onions, and melted cheese. Yum, it was muy delicioso! It’s a mixture of a fajita and a quesadilla because it has the grilled mixed veggies of a fajita, and the melted cheese of a quesadilla. Let’s just say, it’s an excellent combination! It was also served with lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, & pico de gallo. ( all on the side)

My mom had the Chicken Quesadilla. She was trying to order the same thing that I did except with chicken; she didn’t know the specific name of what I ordered; I wish she had of told me that she wanted the same thing.

Anyway, she enjoyed her dish but she got many of the vegetables from my Steak Fajita Quesadilla; I didn’t mind! Her quesdailla consisted of grilled chicken and melted cheese, all wrapped in grilled quesadilla bread. It was also served with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole.

We enjoyed all of our food and the neighborhood feel of the restaurant. La Bamba offers cheap prices and decent portions of food. The customer service is some of the best that I’ve seen in the Birmingham area. When we left, the whole staff (about six, including the cooks) waved and told us goodbye. Even when we drove off in our car, they were still waving; we felt like celebrities!

I can’t wait to go back to La Bamba!

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Classic Italian at “GianMarco’s”

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on November 13, 2010

Classic Italian food, in an intimate setting. This is what I experienced at GianMarco’s, when I had two special friends visit Birmingham. They wanted to try a local Italian restaurant, not a chain restaurant, and this was one of the first places that I thought of.

GianMarco’s is located in the neighborhood of Edgewood (near Homewood).

The interior almost reminds me of a “classic mob scene” in New York, specifically the movie “The Godfather”. However, a more modernized version. It’s a white table-cloth restaurant, but yet the atmosphere is casual. The expansive bar is in the small half of the restaurant, and the dining room is in the large half. All of the seats, in the dining room, allow patrons to view the cooks preparing meals in the kitchen.

I was the first person to arrive at our dinner, at GianMarco’s. The host took me to our table, which was in the middle of the restaurant; allowing me to see everyone and everything. Not long after I sat down, our waiter came over and placed a black cloth napkin in my lap, and asked me what I wanted to drink. Despite being at a fine Italian restaurant, I wanted an alcoholic beverage other than wine, something classy & unique, but I didn’t see anything on the menu. So the waiter had the bartender make me a special drink called a “Washington Apple”.

It reminded me of a “Sour Apple Martini” except it was red in color, and had more of a fruity/apple taste. I really enjoyed it, and the waiter made me feel extra special; this definitely gave him some points in my book.

Eventually my friends, from Auburn & Huntsville, arrived. The waiter placed the black cloth napkins in their laps as well, and took their drink orders. When he came back with the drinks, he brought a basket of freshly made warm Italian Bread, a vase of olive oil, and a bowl of salt.

We put a little olive oil on a plate, and sprinkled salt & pepper in the olive oil. This became the dip for our Italian Bread. We enjoyed dipping our fresh bread in this mixture.

Next the waiter took our antipasti (appetizer) and entree orders.

For an antipasti, we ordered the Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Parmesan, basil and crostini.

The dip was served warm, and the crostini (bread chips) were crunchy & salty. I enjoyed the subtle garlic taste of the dip, and I’m glad that it wasn’t filled with too many artichokes; I’m not a big fan of them.

After catching up with each others lives, it was time for our entrees to come out. My friend Katherine, ordered the “RIGATONI AI QUATTRO FORMAGGI asiago, fontina, gorgonzola and mozzarella; simmered in cream with prosciutto and fresh sage .”

She said this dish, itself, was worth the drive to Birmingham. I was so pleased to hear that excellent complement.

Her mom had the “LINGUINE CLAM SAUCE littleneck clams steamed in garlic, evo, white wine and Red chili flake finished with parsley and basil .”

She really enjoyed this dish. Furthermore, she said that his was some of the best Italian food that she has ever eaten.

I kept it simple and ordered the “FETTUCCINE ALFREDO with Shrimp”. I wasn’t in the mood for anything too complicated.

This entree was so delicious, the Alfredo sauce was extremely creamy, the noodles seemed to almost be homemade because of their tender/yet soft texture. And even though there weren’t too many shrimp in this particular dish, they were large enough to make up for the lack of; these shrimp were freshly caught from the Gulf of Mexico. I’m also pleased to say that this whole dish was seasoned to perfection, allowing me to enjoy every minute of it. Even though this was a trite dish, it definitely didn’t have a trite taste. For a special touch, I had the waiter add some fresh Parmesan cheese on top.

Since we were all satisfied with our entrees, we wanted to get dessert but we were each too full to order one per self. So we shared the “APPLE CROSTATA WITH CINNAMON GELATO AND CARMEL.”

It was “bellisimo” at its finest! This was a perfect twist to the standard apple pie with vanilla ice cream. The dessert was served warm with cinnamon gelato on the top and caramel drizzled all over. I must admit that it was really sweet, but we enjoyed every bite.

GianMarco’s was the perfect destination for my out-of-town guests; they enjoyed the ambiance, the impeccable customer service, and the succulent food. I would say that the price point is moderate to expensive, however, what we had was well worth every penny. And if you plan on visiting,  please make reservations ahead of time.

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“Michael’s Restaurant”: A modern-steakhouse in Birmingham

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on October 1, 2010

One of the last restaurants that I went to for Birmingham Restaurant Week was Michael’s Restaurant. Michael’s is a well-known steakhouse in Birmingham that caters to the customer who enjoys the taste of high-quality food and impeccable customer service. Michael’s Restaurant is Alabama’s exclusive restaurant for Certified Hereford Beef, which is rated at the top one percent of all beef available today.

Michael’s Restaurant has been around for 55 years, and the steaks, seafood, and service only get better with time. Over the years, many sports stars and celebrities have graced Michael’s with their presence and autographs. The original Michael’s used to be located in Downtown Birmingham, however, today there are two locations. One location is outside of the Galleria Mall.

The other location is inside of the Aloft Hotel in Homewood. Both locations offer on-site party planning, catering, and a private dining room.

I would consider the Homewood location to have a modern-sophisticated flair. The theme is very versatile because it is appropriate for business meetings, parties, dates, and just casual dining. I would feel comfortable being casually dressed and just sitting at the bar watching a football game.The color palette for the restaurant is bright earth tones and this is reflected on the walls, in the decor, and on the booths.

The funky tiled bar is large, well-stocked, and gives one plenty of breathing room. It is also located in between two flat screen televisions.

I met a friend at the Homewood location, inside of the Aloft Hotel. I made reservations, earlier in the day, for 7:00pm ( I would recommend making reservations before you arrive). Stefan was sitting at the bar when I arrived, and once he closed his tab, the waitress took us to our table which was next to the bar, but it overlooked the entire restaurant. The focal point of Micahel’s Restaurant is the spectacular illuminated mural of the Birmingham skyline, which was taken at sunset atop Red Mountain. And I had a good view of this mural.

The waiter came to our table and told us about the house specials and the Birmingham Restaurant Week menu. Of course, we didn’t know what we wanted to eat yet, but we did order a bottle of the Maso Canali Pinot Grigio from Italy, which had a sweet, sharp, and bitter taste. I enjoyed it!

We ordered three appetizers, the first was the “Seared Rare Tuna Sushimi”. It consisted of Ahi Tuna seasoned and served Rare with Asian Slaw, Ponzu Soy, and Wasabi Créme Fraiche. This was my first time ever having this dish, so I didn’t know what to expect, however I was pleased. The Ahi Tuna had an excellent soy flavor, but sometimes my nose would be overwhelmed by the strong taste of the wasabi. (strong wasabi is a good thing)

The next appetizer was the “Pepper Pot Calamari” which was fresh Calamari fried and tossed with Cherry, Jalapeno, and Pepperoncini Peppers served with a housemade cilantro and basil dipping sauce. The only obvious peppers in the dish, to me, were the Jalapenos which were not spicy; it seemed like they had been soaked in vinegar. The calamari was fairly large and I ate it with the jalapenos, this created a delicious sweet/spicy flavor on my palatte.

The rest of what we ordered came from the Birmingham Restaurant Week Menu. Here it is:

First Course: “Jumbo Blue Crab Claws” – Fresh jumbo Blue Maryland Crab Claws lightly dusted and Flash Fried served with the housemade Cocktail Sauce.

When we originally, placed this order, the waiter said that they had ran out of the crab claws, and I became disturbed because I love crab claws. However, a few minutes later he came back to the table and said that a fresh shipment had just arrived from Maryland. I was excited to hear this! Another way that I could tell the crab claws were fresh, was because the meat slid off of the claw easily. Oh, by the way, the crab claws were excellent and I really enjoyed the cocktail sauce. It had a sweet taste that I couldn’t get enough of.

The second course came with the House Salad which is a mix of iceberg, romaine, and spring mix. Topped with cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, fresh shaved Parmesan cheese, and spiced pecans. The house dressing is a roasted shallot and feta vinaigrette.

I enjoyed this salad so much that I ate it throughout the night, instead of sending it back before the second course arrived. It was simply delicious, and I enjoyed all of the sweet flavors.

Second Course: “Filet Mignon” – 9 oz Center Cut Filet.

I ordered my Filet Mignon medium well, and was very pleased. I don’t speak the “steak language” yet, but I do know a good steak when I taste it. My Filet was very tender, juicy, tasty, seasoned, succulent, and satisfying. Heinz 57 and A1 Steak Sauce was definitely an afterthought; I didn’t need them at all. The Filet Mignon also came with Parmesan Mashed Potatoes that were homemade and served hot. I could tell they were homemade because the potato peel was still on pieces of the potatoes. The potatoes mixed with Parmesan cheese complemented my steak well. It seemed to have been only a hint of Parmesan cheese in the potatoes but it was just enough. Even though I only had the 9 oz Filet, it was still enough for me to have leftovers.

Third Course: “White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bread Pudding”

The bread pudding had pecans in it, it was served warm, and topped off with housemade whipped cream & a sweet tasting strawberry on the top. I definitely enjoyed the bread pudding and it complimented my dessert drink ( a White Russian) very well.

While I was basking in all of this wonderful food, I couldn’t help but enjoy the mixture of R&B/Rock music playing throughout the restaurant. This was a small element, but it helped to cap off my delightful and delicious experience at Michael’s Restaurant, that particular night!

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Pennington Pribbeneaux (General Manager) of the Michael’s Restaurant in Homewood, because his restaurant was voted in Bham Best as the “Third Best Steak in Birmingham”!

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A Taste of the Mediterranean in Homewood!

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on August 2, 2010

Last Saturday I ate dinner on the Mediterranean coast! Lol, not really, I ate at “DoDiYós”, a Mediterranean/Greek restaurant in Homewood (Soho Square), but it felt like I was in the country of Greece. “DoDiYós ” is a distinctive destination for fresh, seasonal flavors from every country that touches the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll find authentic Greek dishes as well as foods from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East. One of the owners is George Sarris, who owns the “Seafood Market” in downtown Birmingham.

I met my friend Kellie for dinner. I arrived at the restaurant about 7:00pm and it was packed; luckily I found a parking spot near the front door. I wanted to do valet parking, but there seemed to be only one person working the valet booth, and he was parking another car. Anyway, I walked into the restaurant and did not expect to see what I saw. In the waiting area, there is a huge beige canopy that drapes from the ceiling and it resembles a tent. This is what divides the waiting area from the eating area.

A number of exotic colors, rich woods, handmade textiles, intriguing antiques and collectibles grace this unique restaurant that has a variety of seating. The whole feel of the interior of “DoDiYós” seems to have a Greek nautical theme. Also there is a lively tapas bar, a fresh market and even a small souk.

The market is pictured below, and here you can buy dishes off the menu “to go”, or you can buy an array of other Mediterranean foods.

The small souk is pictured below, and in this area you can buy a variety of Mediterranean spices and goods.

The hostess took me to the table, where Kellie was waiting on me.  And as we walked, I saw that the restaurant was filled with people.

Finally, I made it to the table and saw Kellie. Before we ordered food, we had to take a little bit of time to reminisce because we haven’t seen each other since May 2009. At this time, a waiter brought us some fresh baked bread and hummus with a side of olives. The “Hummus” consists of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon, cayenne pepper, and olive oil. The bread was warm, soft, and good. The “hummus” had just the right amount of consistency and also a great taste; however, we didn’t eat that much of it.

Eventually, our waiter introduced himself and gave us a brief overview of the restaurant; he knew his stuff! We started off with drinks and appetizers. Kellie got the “Raspberry Mojito” and she fell in love with it. The raspberry and mint complimented each other very well she said.

And I got the “Lemon Basil Martini”. The fresh lemon juice wasn’t too sour, but was tangy enough, and there was just the right amount of basil in it. Oh, it was so good!

For an appetizer, we got the “Shrimp Saganaki”. It consisted of feta, fresh steamed shrimp with tomatoes, dill and kalamata olives. It was served on a tarnished brown platter with cubes of loaf bread. You are supposed to eat the bread and the “Shrimp Saganaki” together, but we couldn’t do that because it was the same bread that we had earlier, and we had enough of it already. This dish was authentically Greek, and I can’t compare it to anything American, but it was satisfactorily delicious.

After we ate the appetizer, the waiter took our entree orders. Since the entrees came with a salad, we ate that first. The salad consisted of your standard “Romaine Lettuce”, carrots, and a lite vinaigrette dressing. We could barely taste the vinegar in the salad dressing; however, we could taste the olive oil. Overall, the salad was ok.

Ok, here comes the big moment! The entrees eventually came out and we were both pleased with how our food was presented. Our entrees were covered when the waiters brought them out, and once they were placed in front of us, both waiters lifted the covers simultaneously. This act, definitely gave “DoDiYós” a plus in my book, lol!

Kellie and I ordered, the “Classic Moussaka”. It has layers of eggplant, potatoes, and ground beef beneath saltsa besamel. Ya’ll this dish was so good! The way that it looked, reminded me of lasagna, however, the taste was nowhere near lasagna. I could taste all of the ingredients, plus a nutmeg/cinnamon flavor. Words can’t describe how good this dish was! Kellie enjoyed this dish as well.

Now, ya’ll know that we had to get dessert! So we shared the “Frozen Summer Trio”. This dish allowed us to pick three flavors of sorbet, so we got the peach yogurt, strawberry wine, and lychee. All of the flavors were good, but my favorite was the strawberry wine. Kellie said that this flavor tasted “sexy”, and I must agree. I never had a dish that tasted “sexy” before, but this captured “sexy” in all of its forms. The way it looked, tasted, and the after taste was just pure “sexcellent”. It had the perfect blend of sweetness and wine flavor. I can’t explain anymore, just try it, lol!

“DoDiYós” really provided us with a wonderful unique Mediterranean dining experience. From the interior decor, customer service, food, and market offerings; overall everything was outstanding. This is the perfect place for those who have adventurous taste buds, and also for those whose taste buds are less adventurous. There is something on the menu for everyone and all of it encompasses the Mediterranean flavor. Oh did I mention that you won’t break the bank either!

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Go Organic with “Urban Cookhouse”

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on June 29, 2010

Do you want locally grown organic food? If so, I know of the perfect restaurant for you. “Urban Cookhouse” in downtown Homewood offers this fare at a reasonable price point. Last Tuesday, I went there for lunch and had a wonderful experience. “Urban Cookhouse” is a brand new restaurant that has been open for about three weeks, and they specialize in preparing locally grown organic food. I would describe the food as southern cuisine with a rustic twist.

A few of the local farmers that supply “Urban Cookhouse” are “Mon Ami Farms”, “Harvest Farm”, “Owl’s Hollow”, “Hollow Spring Farm”, “Yellow Moon Cheese Company”, and the “Peach Man”. Ya’ll, this is a restaurant that makes it known that they support local farmers, and I think that the whole idea is awesome!

“Urban Cookhouse” is not that big, but big enough; it has somewhat of a modern and rustic atmosphere. Once you enter the restaurant, you stand in line to place your order, then you find a seat, and within minutes the food is brought to you by one of the waiters. You can choose to sit inside or outside on the patio. I like the patio because it is a great place to people-watch and see all of downtown Homewood. During my visit, the staff was very friendly and seemed to epitomize southern hospitality.

Upon our arrival, we waited in a rapidly moving line to place our order. Once I made it to the front, I had no idea what to get, so the cashier began to name a few of the popular dishes. One dish that sounded good was  the “Lime-Marinated Steak & Rice”. So I took her suggestion and got that and to drink I had the “Owl’s Hollow Strawberry Lemonade”.  My friend and I ordered the same exact thing. Once we ordered and got our drinks, we went out on the patio to get a table. I’m glad to say that we only waited about seven minutes for our food!

The “Lime-Marinated Steak & Rice” consists of a large scoop of rice and a decent portion of the Lime-Marinated steak, spread on top. On top of the steak were grilled onions and grilled red and green bell peppers. Also on the plate was a colorful salad and a small orange roll. The salad had no salad dressing on it, and if it was on there, we couldn’t taste it. However, this was no big deal because we both ate the salad with the steak and the rice, everything tasted well together. Oh, and the orange rolls were amazing; I want one now, lol! The presentation of the food was excellent and also captured the attention of  a gentleman walking by us, he asked me what I was eating because it looked so good. I told him that it was the “Lime-Marinated Steak & Rice”, and he said that he will definitely be ordering that when he visits the restaurant.

Overall, our visit to “Urban Cookhouse” was awesome, no complaints; not even about sitting in the hot sun! We enjoyed every moment, and it felt good knowing that all of the food was grown locally and we were helping to support local farmers.

You should also know that every Saturday from 7am-12pm, “Urban Cookhouse” has a Farmers Market on the corner of 29th Avenue & 18th Street South.

Furthermore, I want all of you to go try “Urban Cookhouse”. It is out of this world amazing!

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