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B. Smith’s

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on July 13, 2010

The last restaurant that I visited, in Washington DC, was “B. Smith’s”. B. Smith is a pioneer in the lifestyle industry, whose talents and expertise span a wide range of specialties. In my opinion, she is the “African American Martha Stewart” because they are both known for being excellent cooks and crafty individuals. Smith is a respected expert in affordable-yet-elegant living and she brings style to everything that she does. For nearly a decade, she hosted the nationally syndicated/cable lifestyle television show “B. Smith with Style”.

Smith extends her lifestyle expertise as the owner of three successful “B. Smith” restaurants. Her longtime establishments include those on Restaurant Row in New York City, Union Station in Washington DC, and Long Island Hampton Village of Sag Harbor.

Mom and I had about an hour to spare, while at Union Station, before we started our “DC Duck Tour”. So we decided to have a lite lunch at “B. Smith’s”. We entered through a secondary entrance, which was the bar area; it looked like a medium sized parlor. Then we turned the corner, and became awestruck at the beauty of the interior of the actual restaurant portion. It is a grand Beaux Arts style dining room with 30-foot ceilings, chandeliers, and turn of the century elegance. It is a national landmark and has been called one of the most beautiful dining rooms in America.

The host took us to our table, and our waiter came to introduce himself and the specialties of the day. One thing that really stood out, about the waiter, is that he greeted us by our last name. I have never gone to a restaurant where the waiter greeted me by my name; I thought that was so awesome and genuine! All of the staff was formally dressed and the waiters wore a formal uniform. The whole atmosphere seemed expensive, comfortable, and classy.

Mom and I had previewed the menu before-hand, so we already knew what we wanted. Furthermore, we ordered the “Thai Spiced Wings” and the “Cajun Seasoned Fries”. While we were waiting on our food to come out, the waiter gave us a basket of mini biscuits and mini cornbread muffins. Both items were served warm, but my favorite were the mini cornbread muffins,  because they had somewhat of a sweet flavor.

Eventually, the food was served and the “Thai Spiced Wings” consisted of six nice size chicken drummetts that were grilled and topped with a sweet chili sauce. They had a sweet Thai taste, which was excellent. The “Cajun Seasoned Fries” were large cut fresh pieces of potato that were fried and seasoned with Cajun spices. The first batch of fries we had were not hot, so we sent them back and got another batch of hot fries. They didn’t taste amazing, but they were doable.

Once I finished that course, I was full but I still wanted to try a dessert. So I asked the waiter what the most popular dessert was, and he told me about the “Bourbon Street Bread Pudding”. This is what I ordered, and it was served with a warm caramel creme sauce on top. The dish itself was ok,  not as good as he cooked it up to be. I have had much better bread pudding before.

If I had to rate “B. Smith’s” from 1-10, 10 being the highest, I would give the restaurant an 8.5. The atmosphere seems to date back to the Victorian era and it is simply beautiful. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about B. Smith and her endeavors. Lastly, I think the food is good but not great. Many people probably go eat here, just so they can say that they have gone to “B. Smith’s”. However, if you are ever in the area, I recommend that you go try it and develop your own opinion!


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Georgetown Cupcake

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on July 11, 2010

“Georgetown Cupcake” is Washington DC’s premier destination for gourmet cupcakes. It is located in Georgetown, across the street from where I had pizza. The company was founded by two sisters, Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne, who traded in their fashion and private equity careers in order to make cupcakes. The two just wanted to follow their passion and didn’t even consider how popular the business would become. “Georgetown Cupcake” opened in February 2008 as DC’s first and only cupcakery.

Upon my arrival, I could see the long line forming outside of the door, and I was one block away. I didn’t feel like waiting forever for a cupcake, in the heat, but I said that if the line is moving rapidly then I would give it a try. So I got there, and the line moved at a fast pace. There were people from all over the world standing in line, just for a cupcake. For example, a couple from the Netherlands said that “Georgetown Cupcake” was a “must” on their list of places to visit, while in the United States. I was shocked at the popularity of this place, and here I was, I had never heard of it before; I just wanted a cupcake!

As I made my way in the front door, I was talking to one of the workers and she told me that “TLC” (The Learning Channel) will be doing a series on “Georgetown Cupcake”, and it will premier on Friday July 16, 2010 at 10pm (Eastern Time). Honestly, this just made me want a cupcake even more, knowing that the whole United States is about to find out about this cupcakery gem.

I finally made it in the door, and I had only waited for about 15 minutes. The building isn’t big at all, but the designers did a great job with the space and layout. Once you walk in, there is a large cupcake display, and behind it is the kitchen where you can see the workers baking and designing the cupcakes. The whole atmosphere is contemporary and chic; this is one of the only buildings on “M Street” that has been remodeled both on the outside and inside. It was also good to see the workers working in an efficient manner that minimizes the wait time for customers.

Once I made it to the cashier, I decided to get two cupcakes, the “Honey Banana” and the “Milk Chocolate Birthday”. The “Honey Banana” is a fresh banana cupcake topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting and a fondant flower. The “Milk Chocolate Birthday” is a classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake topped with a whipped callebaut chocolate frosting topped with festive sprinkles. Ya’ll, words can’t describe how amazingly good, moist, sweet, tasty, flavorful, and beautiful these cupcakes were!

My mom and aunt were shopping while I got the cupcakes, and when I saw them again they sampled both of my cupcakes and ended up falling in love with them. So guess what, I had to stand in line again to get more cupcakes, lol!

Anyway, if you like tasty traditional and exotic cupcakes, then you must go to “Georgetown Cupcake”. And don’t forget to watch the series premier on Friday July 16, 2010 on “TLC” at 9pm (Central Time)/10pm (Eastern Time). That way you can get a “taste” of what I saw and ate!

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A “Pizza” of Italy in Georgetown

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on July 11, 2010

One hot day while in D.C., we decided to go sightseeing and shopping in Georgetown. The area is home to “Georgetown University” and has the feel of a large, yet quaint college town. The area is filled with old money; many prominent politicians and other people live in this neighborhood. Many of the buildings are old and rugged on the outside, but modernized on the inside.  The main street that runs through Georgetown is “M Street” and it is filled with various shops and restaurants; we spent a lot of time here. Before we started shopping, my uncle took us to one of his favorite pizza restaurants, “Pizzeria Paradiso”, located on “M Street”.

“Pizzeria Paradiso” is known for making authentic, quality pizza that is cooked in a open wood-burning oven. They are also known for serving some of the best beer brews in the nation. The restaurant is committed to quality and to using the finest ingredients. I went here thinking that it would be the same as any other pizza place, but I was fooled. When I arrived at the bright yellow front door, and saw that it had been highly rated by “Zagat”, I knew that this was the place to be. For those of you who don’t know about “Zagat”, it consists of a group of world-renowned food critics that rate only some of the finest restaurants in the world. Furthermore, I thought to myself that this place has to be excellent if “Zagat” came here.

“Pizzeria Paradiso” has a true Italian flair and this is shown in the authentic flavor of the pizzas. The restaurant isn’t that big and it was packed with people, but we waited only five minutes for a table.  While we were waiting, part of my family saw the menu and said no, this won’t be good, but I convinced them to stick around and try it out. Boy, am I glad we stayed!

To drink, I had the “Sparkling Lemonade” which is their signature lemonade mixture, that is added to sparkling water. It had an equal blend of sweetness and tartness; it was very tasty!

All of us ordered something different, and while we waited on our entrees, my uncle and I ate a small bowl of complimentary olives that were rubbed in olive oil and a little salt.

When the food arrived, I had the “Bianca Pizza” which came with basil, fresh tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. I added pepperoni and zucchini on the pizza for $3.00 extra. The tomato sauce wasn’t pureed like all of the others I’ve had; I could actually taste pieces of tomato in the sauce, it was chunky and had a unique taste. My pizza was the smallest size on the menu, I think a 9′, and it was one of the best pizzas that I have ever had.

My grandmother and my uncle had a pizza, my mom had an Italian salad, and my aunt had a unique selection of Italian meats, cheeses, and crackers. They all enjoyed their food and our modern rustic Italian experience!

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Rockville Town Square

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on July 9, 2010

When we got off of the train, we went to the condo to freshen up and chillax. Once we were re-energized, my uncle took us to a new development called “Rockville Town Square”. It was filled with numerous shops and restaurants, the majority of the places were centered around the town square which was an open area that had tall trees and a pavilion. This was the hangout spot where people sat to rest and listen to local musicians perform, under the pavilion. I forgot to mention, that there were condos above the shops and restaurants. In my opinion, this is the ultimate place to live, work, shop, exercise, and eat! Below I’m pictured in the town square.

Once we parked the car, we walked around to look at restaurant menus and to see what the shops had to offer. The weather was so hot, that I decided to have ice cream. So I found an ice cream parlor called “Gifford’s Ice Cream & Candy Company”. The inside looked very sterile and modern. All of the ice cream was homemade and consisted of some unique flavors. I sampled several of the flavors but I stuck to what I knew and felt like having, and that was “cookies n’ cream”. This flavor was so creamy, and had a strong vanilla flavor with crunchy oreo cookies. Let’s just say it had a wonderful taste!

No one else wanted ice cream, so they continued to shop and I sat in the town square to eat my ice cream and listen to a local band, from the U.S. Navy perform. Later, the family joined me and we all listened to the music together.

Once we were tired of sitting, we continued to walk. We discovered a doughnut shop called the “Fractured Prune”. The name got our attention so we walked in to look at the menu, and we discovered that all of the doughnuts were prepared while you wait. So we decided to try some. I had the “O.C. Sand” doughnut and it was similar to a glaze doughnut but it had honey glaze and cinnamon sugar on top. It was so hot and good, it tasted like a funnel cake to me. We all enjoyed our doughnuts from here.

After shopping and sampling deserts, we decided to go home and eat a meal that my uncle had prepared for us. You must go to “Rockville Town Square” if you are in the area, it’s right outside of Washington D.C. in Rockville, Maryland. I promise there is something for everyone there, and you will enjoy it!

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