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Jubilee Joe’s

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on October 20, 2010

“Jubilee Joe’s” is a Cajun seafood restaurant, that’s located in Hoover on Highway 150; it is in a small strip mall near the Lake Crest subdivision.

I met a friend during lunch time and I expected there to be a crowd, but there wasn’t. “Jubilee Joe’s” has a nice quaint setting that is simply Cajun. A few of the walls are filled with SEC football memorabilia and other miscellaneous pictures. TV’s are scattered throughout, allowing patrons to catch various sporting events while they eat. Oh, and the bar is well stocked.

When I arrived, my friend was waiting on me, and had already ordered an appetizer. It was great to have food waiting on me when I arrived, lol! We had the “Sauteed Crab Claws” for our first appetizer .

I’ve never had sauteed crab claws before. They were good, but we both felt like they were prepared with too much Cajun seasoning. It was enough seasoning to make you cough a little after you swallowed. They were served with a cocktail sauce that seemed to have a texture similar to jello; I didn’t like it because of the consistency and poignant taste. However, I know that the crab claws were fresh because the meat came off of the claw easily.

After we finished the first appetizer, I decided to get the “Fried Green Tomatoes”.

The “Fried Green Tomatoes” were delicious, but I felt like the batter could have used a little more seasoning. They were garnished with a horseradish drizzle and lump crab meat on top. Personally, I would’ve preferred to dip the tomatoes in the horseradish sauce, instead of having it all over them, because the tomatoes that I didn’t eat immediately, became soggy from the horseradish sauce.

After eating the appetizers, I had a hard time figuring out what to get for my entree. So the waiter insisted that I get the Special of the Day, which was Seared Chilean Sea Bass served over cheddar mashed potatoes & sauteed baby spinach mixed with lump crab meat topped with a lemon butter sauce.

I had no complaints about this dish, it tasted excellent! All of the tastes complimented each other very well. The Chilean Sea Bass was fresh and seasoned to perfection. The mashed potatoes had just the right amount of cheese and they were served warm. The spinach was wilted perfectly, and I hardly tasted any lump crab meat. The lemon butter sauce, was a great choice to cap off this dish. Yum!

Stefan had the “Stuffed Shrimp” which consisted of five  sauteed jumbo shrimp, a pile of freshly cooked rice, and the items used for garnishment were lobster sauce and asparagus.

He enjoyed this dish with no complaints.

After we ate our entrees and talked to some of the restaurant’s patrons, I decided to order dessert. I asked the waiter what I should get, and he plus a regular restaurant patron told me to try the “Bread Pudding”.

So that’s what I got and I wasn’t disappointed. The “Bread Pudding” had a beautiful presentation and it was served warm. In my opinion this was a chocolate bread pudding because I could taste flavors of chocolate and a little coffee flavor. It was very good!

Now after a wonderful dessert, that’s when I got my bill and I was taken back a little because I didn’t expect my entree to be so much, for lunch (about $21). Earlier, when the waiter insisted that I try the Chilean Sea Bass, I guess I thought that it would be as reasonably priced as most of the other entrees on the menu. However, neither the Special of the Day or the price of it, were listed on the menu. Even though the waiter was very nice, I felt like I was almost conned into buying the most expensive food item.

“Jubilee Joe’s” is a wonderful place to go to watch sports on TV, or to just hang out with your friends & family. The staff is friendly, and they have a variety of  Cajun/Southern seafood choices.

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Go Organic with “Urban Cookhouse”

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on June 29, 2010

Do you want locally grown organic food? If so, I know of the perfect restaurant for you. “Urban Cookhouse” in downtown Homewood offers this fare at a reasonable price point. Last Tuesday, I went there for lunch and had a wonderful experience. “Urban Cookhouse” is a brand new restaurant that has been open for about three weeks, and they specialize in preparing locally grown organic food. I would describe the food as southern cuisine with a rustic twist.

A few of the local farmers that supply “Urban Cookhouse” are “Mon Ami Farms”, “Harvest Farm”, “Owl’s Hollow”, “Hollow Spring Farm”, “Yellow Moon Cheese Company”, and the “Peach Man”. Ya’ll, this is a restaurant that makes it known that they support local farmers, and I think that the whole idea is awesome!

“Urban Cookhouse” is not that big, but big enough; it has somewhat of a modern and rustic atmosphere. Once you enter the restaurant, you stand in line to place your order, then you find a seat, and within minutes the food is brought to you by one of the waiters. You can choose to sit inside or outside on the patio. I like the patio because it is a great place to people-watch and see all of downtown Homewood. During my visit, the staff was very friendly and seemed to epitomize southern hospitality.

Upon our arrival, we waited in a rapidly moving line to place our order. Once I made it to the front, I had no idea what to get, so the cashier began to name a few of the popular dishes. One dish that sounded good was  the “Lime-Marinated Steak & Rice”. So I took her suggestion and got that and to drink I had the “Owl’s Hollow Strawberry Lemonade”.  My friend and I ordered the same exact thing. Once we ordered and got our drinks, we went out on the patio to get a table. I’m glad to say that we only waited about seven minutes for our food!

The “Lime-Marinated Steak & Rice” consists of a large scoop of rice and a decent portion of the Lime-Marinated steak, spread on top. On top of the steak were grilled onions and grilled red and green bell peppers. Also on the plate was a colorful salad and a small orange roll. The salad had no salad dressing on it, and if it was on there, we couldn’t taste it. However, this was no big deal because we both ate the salad with the steak and the rice, everything tasted well together. Oh, and the orange rolls were amazing; I want one now, lol! The presentation of the food was excellent and also captured the attention of  a gentleman walking by us, he asked me what I was eating because it looked so good. I told him that it was the “Lime-Marinated Steak & Rice”, and he said that he will definitely be ordering that when he visits the restaurant.

Overall, our visit to “Urban Cookhouse” was awesome, no complaints; not even about sitting in the hot sun! We enjoyed every moment, and it felt good knowing that all of the food was grown locally and we were helping to support local farmers.

You should also know that every Saturday from 7am-12pm, “Urban Cookhouse” has a Farmers Market on the corner of 29th Avenue & 18th Street South.

Furthermore, I want all of you to go try “Urban Cookhouse”. It is out of this world amazing!

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