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Makarios in Five Points South

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on September 29, 2012

On a warm autumn night I was sitting on the patio of Makarios Kabob & Grill enjoying the company of friends and trying to enjoy the exotic flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. There were a diverse array of customers, many whom were of Middle Eastern descent, so that led me to think that this place must have authentic Middle Eastern food.

Since the waitress said they are known for their smoothies, I decided to order the strawberry banana flavor. It was very good after I added a small packet of sugar; next time I’ll just tell them to make it extra sweet. After pondering over the menu and asking the waitress for English translations, we were ready to order. I had the Chicken Shawarma which was charbroiled marinated chicken wrapped in pita bread with garlic sauce & pickles. I only took two bites of this and didn’t like it because the flavor of the garlic sauce overpowered the flavors of everything else. I also ordered a side of grilled vegetables which were very tasty. FYI: Someone else ordered the Chicken Shawarma and they enjoyed it because they asked for the garlic sauce on the side.

The only big hit, in my opinion, was the Makarios Salad; lettuce, olives, beets, feta cheese, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, & fresh dill mixed with homemade dressing. It looked like coleslaw but tasted nothing like it. If I go back, this is what I will order.

One of my other friends got the Fried Kibba, fried lamb, and she seemed to enjoy it.

And another friend got the Shawarma Plate; marinated chicken, lamb kabob, and rice. She also didn’t have any complaints.

Makarios has a unique festive atmosphere, reasonable prices, and good customer service, but this is no place that I must flock back to soon! Try it out and let me know what you think.

Makarios Kabobs & Grill on Urbanspoon


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A night to remember at The J. Clyde!

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on August 15, 2011

On a warm night, a group of friends and I gathered on the back patio of The J. Clyde, in Five Points South. There were about 10 of us and we started the night off with drinks. It took us a little while to decide what we wanted to drink because this place is known for their huge beer selection. So I got the JK’s Scrumpy Cider, which was a sweet apple flavored cider beer; I can’t stand beer but this wasn’t your ordinary beer.

After ordering drinks, we ordered and ate our appetizers. One person got the Fried Sauerkraut Balls, unusual but good! Several people ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes, a staple this restaurant is known for. The green tomatoes were delicious but I feel that the batter needed just a tad more salt. Someone else got the Italian Style Stuffed Mushrooms, they enjoyed those and I did too. Also at this time other people started to get the house salad that came with their entree.

                                                                                                          Fried Sauerkraut Balls

                                                                                                         Fried Green Tomatoes

                                                                                                   Italian Style Stuffed Mushrooms

While waiting on our entrees, the waiter brought our drink refills, and while he was delivering the drinks he accidentally dropped the tray; drinks and glass went everywhere including on three of my friends. Just a little bit of liquid got on my pants. In all, no one was hurt, but they just got wet and had a little bit of chipped glass in their laps. Furthermore, I understand it was an accident and the waiter did apologize, but the manager didn’t seem to really take interest in the situation until we brought it to his attention. If we hadn’t told him about the spill, nothing would’ve happened in regards to a discount. In the end he did give the affected people a discount, but I feel that we had to almost beg for it.

Eventually, the entrees started to come out; I had the Chicken Cakes which were similar to crab cakes. I enjoyed the spicy seasoning in these delicious cakes and also the remoulade sauce. On the plate there were two medium sized chicken cakes along with a salad mixture.

Two people ordered the Fish & Chips, one person liked this dish and the other didn’t. The main complaint was that the fish batter was too bland and the fish was served greasy, cold and hard. But the other person enjoyed this particular dish. So you be the judge!

One girl had the Parchment Baked Tilapia and she said that it was yummy! The Bavarian Sausage was a hit along with the Asiago Pasta/Chicken.

                                                                              Parchment Baked Tilapia

                                                                              Bavarian Sausage

                                                                                 Asiago Pasta

Everyone had a mixed opinion about The J. Clyde but we all agreed that it is a fun place to order drinks and enjoy Fried Green Tomatoes, but it’s not a place to expect a quiet dinner and order a tasty gourmet meal. And I also think the prices for certain entrees are too expensive for it to be the kind of restaurant/bar that it is. You should also know that I liked what I ordered and would definitely order it again, however I was simply irked since we had to almost initiate an apology from the manager; due to the spill.

So now you know what this means, you gotta tell me what you think about The J. Clyde. I can’t wait to hear it!

J. Clyde on Urbanspoon

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The H Bar is Happening!

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on September 23, 2010

I went to another event at the Hotel Highland Conference Center this week, and after the meeting, my god-father and I were hungry and not sure where to eat. Then I remembered that the H Bar, which is located inside of the Hotel Highland, had a special menu for Birmingham Restaurant Week; so we decided to try it out.

The H-Bar reminds me of a small lounge. It has an ambiance that is appealing, with its relaxed setting of vibrant colored sofas and contemporary lighting, it is the hip place for the cool and sophisticated at heart. The bar is loaded with a variety of alcohol, everything from the ingredients needed to make their signature martinis, to the best imported brews. The H Bar has live music every day except for Sundays. The night we went, the Shaun Pezant Trio was the live act. They are a neo-soul band who performs jazz and r&B music.

The Birmingham Urban League was having a networking event at the same time we visited the H Bar. There were plenty of people in this small space; however, I didn’t feel cramped. Maurice and I were fortunate enough to get one of the few tables available, so that we could eat dinner. This was also great because we got to network and eat at the same time, how awesome!

I started off with the Mandarin Orange signature martini. (Sorry I didn’t get a pic because I was too busy talking and forgot) It was a bit tart but very good; one of the main flavors that I tasted was orange juice. Maurice just wanted a glass of water.

Eventually, we ordered our entrees. Maurice got the Grilled Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Salad. I got the Grilled Pork Chops with French Fries ( I substituted the mashed potatoes).

The H Bar doesn’t have a kitchen attached to it, so the food is prepared downstairs in the hotel kitchen. Furthermore, once a customer places an order, a kitchen rep brings the food to the bar on a rolling cart. I’m happy to say that the food is wrapped in plastic, so germs and bugs can’t touch it!

All of our food came out at the same time. I would have preferred to eat my salad before the entree came out, but that’s ok because I just ate everything together.

All I can say is that the H Bar takes pork chops to a whole new level, they were baked and well seasoned. The french fries were fresh and crispy. I thought they would have been soggy because of the plastic wrap, however, they weren’t.

Maurice enjoyed the pork chop and salad as well, but he commented that his mashed potatoes were kind of cold.

Despite the salad issue and the cold mashed potatoes, both of us had excellent words to say about the H Bar. Our waitress and the staff took excellent care of us. We enjoyed great music, delicious food, and favorable customer service. What more can I ask for?

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It’s hot at “Fuego Cantina”

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on August 6, 2010

“Fuego Cantina” is a “hot” restaurant in the heart of Five Points South, which offers Tex-Mex cuisine. The bar offers daily happy hour specials, and the prices are cheap/reasonable. Also the bar has an extensive drink menu, so you have plenty of choices. I visited “Fuego Cantina”, last week, with two of my friends and we had an awesome time!

We arrived about 8:30pm, after spending a few minutes searching for parking spots. Fortunately I found a spot in front of the restaurant, but everyone else had a short walk. Next, we went inside, and waited for the host to seat us.

I really like the relaxed atmosphere of  “Fuego Cantina”. Inside, the walls are painted bright red and orange, there’s funky contemporary Mexican decor, and the theme is “Mexican Wrestling” or “Lucha Libre”.  “Lucha Libre” is the Mexican version of the United States’ “WWE” . When I went to Mexico, I was fortunate enough to have gone to one of the “Lucha Libre” matches. This theme is carried throughout the entire restaurant with paintings and graffiti, all of which reflect wrestling. The decor isn’t excessive, it’s just the right amount of stuff!

The host took us to our seats, on the patio! And can I just say that the patio is amazing. It is large and the seats are centered around a fire pit, that is used in the winter. The view overlooks “the heart” of Five Points South.

Our waiter introduced himself by saying it was his first day working there; this made us hesitate, but he ended up doing a wonderful job. We ordered drinks, and appetizers to start. I ordered “nachos & salsa”. The salsa and nachos are homemade, and the nachos were served hot with a little bit of  salt on top. Just the way I like them!

Jon ordered the ” Crab Cakes”, which consisted of  four mini crab cakes and a special remoulade sauce. This dish was very tasty, but we all agreed that the price was too expensive for the amount we received.

Since we went on a Tuesday night, which is “$2.00 Taco Night”, our entrees were very cheap. I ordered one “Crunchy Shrimp Taco” and one “Baja Fish Taco”, and my taco total was $4.00; you can’t beat that! Anyway, the “Crunchy Shrimp Taco” consisted of a soft flour tortilla, filled with hand-breaded shrimp, lettuce, and Orange Habanera Hot Sauce. The “Baja Fish Taco” consisted of a soft flour tortilla, filled with a piece of grilled Tilapia, cucumber, and Diego Sauce. Both tacos tasted phenomenal, I was very pleased!

Rebecca ordered the “Crunchy Shrimp Taco” and the “Baja Fish Taco”, as well. She thought that these two tacos tasted amazing!

Jon had the “Baja Fish Taco” and the “Buffalo Chicken Taco”. The “Buffalo Chicken Taco” was made with a soft flour tortilla, filled with pieces of  fried buffalo chicken, lettuce, a white sauce, and cheese on top. Jon enjoyed both tacos with no complaints.

The tacos tasted exceptional, and they were just the right size. They weren’t too filling and not too lite. We had great convo on the patio, great service, a great view, along with great food, what more could we ask for!

Fuego Cantina on Urbanspoon

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Funky “Twenty Six”

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on June 24, 2010

Monday night I went to “Twenty Six” for a friend’s birthday celebration. “Twenty Six” is located in the heart of Five Points South, between “Ocean” and “Mellow Mushroom”. This restaurant probably has the most modern atmosphere in Birmingham. It’s almost like your eating in a contemporary art museum that allows you to be loud and comfortable. I would define the food style as an eclectic mix to cutting edge comfort food; the menu also has somewhat of an Asian twist. Furthermore, you should know that parking can be difficult, so they have complimentary valet parking in the front to ease your worries.

There were about 10 people in our group, and we had a wonderful time! Everyone started by ordering appetizers. I got the “Blue Crab Crusted Fried Green Tomatoes”, it consisted of fried green tomatoes with blue crab meat on top. The blue crab tasted like it had been mixed with mustard. This dish tasted alright. In my opinion, the fried green tomatoes were a little too greasy but I did enjoy the blue crab meat, and the presentation was awesome.

I didn’t order an entrée because I was still full from lunch, earlier that day. However, the rest of the group ordered a variety of things from the menu; for example, the birthday boy had the “Wood Grilled Baby Lobster Tails ” which consisted of six half lobster tails, cooked in a wood-fired oven. It also came with chopped potatoes, green beans, and carrots. He said that the lobster tasted so exceptionally well that there was no need for the butter sauce that came with it!

“Twenty Six” is also known for their sushi, so many people in our group ordered that as well. And they all gave it rave reviews. I’m not sure of the names of the other dishes, that the group ordered, but I do have the pictures below.

It’s important that you know “Twenty Six” has a special menu on Monday nights, so if you go to the website you will not see the same menu that my party ordered from on Monday night. Next, whenever you go to eat here be ready for some good food in a fun and funky atmosphere. The prices are on the high-end but keep in mind, that you don’t have to order everything on the menu!

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Welcome to Thailand: “Surin West” Edition

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on June 23, 2010

“Surin West” is a staple in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. The restaurant is known for attracting diverse people under one roof and it’s also known for getting many people outside of their comfort zone, when it comes to food. This Thai restaurant specializes in making various types of sushi along with many other authentic Thai dishes. “Surin West” has two locations, one in Five Points South and the other on Highway 280.

Earlier this week, I went to the original location in Five Points South. This is my favorite location because it transports me to the exotic land of Thailand upon entering the front door. The design, decor, drinks, and food all scream Thailand! I went in the middle of the day when it was not busy. Basically, it was like my friend and I had the whole place to ourselves; VIP style, lol! I was very thirsty when I arrived, so I ordered water. However, I wanted something else to drink besides water, and I didn’t want the standard American beverage in such an exotic atmosphere, so I opted for the “Thai Tea”. Now let me be honest, this is a drink that I will have to get used to because it is very very sweet and it seemed like it was made with milk instead of water. Furthermore, it was ok; let’s just say I drunk more water than tea!

For my entrée I had the “Thai BBQ Chicken” and it came with a bowl of  “Coconut Soup”. Ya’ll, the food tasted great. I wish I could think of another adjective to describe it, but that’s all I can say; I was speechless! The “Thai BBQ Chicken” consisted of a half piece of chicken marinated over night in Surin’s BBQ sauce and slow roasted to perfection then char-grilled Thai style; served with shrimp fried rice. This dish also came with a sweet & sour dipping sauce and I used it for my chicken and rice. The sauce was so good that I ended up ordering one more! Since this was my first time having “Coconut Soup” it took me to a new level, meaning that I want more of it. The soup was white, garnished with two pieces of mushrooms and had a creamy texture; the taste was poignant and good. And at the bottom of the soup, were a few pieces of tofu.

I sat in the restaurant for almost two hours, just basking in the atmosphere and the food. My experience was wonderful! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Asian food and who wants to be whisked away to a foreign land without ever leaving the city.

Surin West on Urbanspoon

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Chez Fon Fon: Best Hamburger in Bham

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on April 3, 2010

Chez Fon Fon brings a little touch of Paris to Five Points South. I went there with two other friends yesterday and we were enthralled with the ambiance and the food. When we first arrived, I did valet parking to ease my fears of not finding a parking space. Once we walked in, I felt like I was vacationing in Paris all over again. Everything from the design of the restaurant to the waiters style of dress, just screamed “Paris”!

We only had to wait about 15 minutes for a table so we sat at the bar and talked to a few tourists and the bartender. Before I knew it, it was time to sit down. Our waiter (pictured on the left) was from Italy and he explained the menu to us. Me and B were both prepared to order the tuna until the waiter said they didn’t have anymore. Now this was a turn off because everyone from the bartender, to the hostess, to the waiter told us to try the tuna and when we wanted it, they had run out. Anyway, B and I got the Parisian Hamburger with French Fries and Miss P got a Parisian Turkey Sandwich on a bed of lettuce. Words can’t describe how well seasoned and juicy the hamburger was. Just know that this hamburger is worth your visit. We were all pleased with our meals.

The atmosphere was so authentic, inviting and relaxing that we just sat there and talked for hours because we didn’t want to leave. However, when we left we vowed that we would return because the meal was worth every penny. We scored the restaurant on a scale of 1 to 10 and our score was an 8.8.

I feel that a true international foodie must go here because it allows you to escape the “Birmingham mindset” and to enjoy food, decor & service that resembles Paris, France!

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