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SteelCityPops: A popsicle oasis

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on May 30, 2012

SteelCityPops is one of the best things that just happened to the Birmingham area. This popsicle paradise is located near downtown Homewood in a newly revamped shopping center. On this hot day I needed to taste something cold, so I decided to pay this shop a visit. Once I walked in I felt right at home, I saw someone that I knew and she recommended that I try the kiwi (kiwi, lime, organic cane sugar, water) or the blackberry (blackberry, lemon, organic cane sugar, water) popsicle. However, I was in the mood for banana (banana, Mexican cinnamon, lemon, organic cane sugar, organic milk, cream) so this is what I got and it was so flavorful, the taste of banana and cinnamon really did something for my palate, yum!

Just so you know, SteelCityPops has over 2o flavors of popsicles, but they don’t offer all of their flavors everyday, so be on the lookout for your favorites. They offer two kinds of popsicle bases fruity and creamy. The pops are $2.75 a piece. And if you’re thirsty, they sell Provid Water and 100% of the profits from the sales support the building of clean water wells in Africa and India.

I think I just discovered my new summer hangout!

Steel City Pops on Urbanspoon


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