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Let’s do brunch at “Over Easy”!

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on August 8, 2011

Over Easy is a breakfast/brunch hotspot between Homewood and Mountain Brook (Hollywood area) that screams “retro”. Over Easy is located in a modern retro style shopping center that includes a Beal bank, Mexico Lindo, and a ABC Beverage Store.

I ordered “The Standard” which was supposed to include three buttermilk pancakes, two eggs cooked to order, and a choice of meat. However, I modified it to include one pancake, one scrambled egg, and three pieces of bacon. I’m so glad that I reduced the size because I couldn’t even eat all of what I had. The pancake was fluffy and a little salty; the sweet flavor of the maple syrup kinda covered up the salty taste, it was good. The egg was kinda bland but ok, and the bacon was extra delicious, not greasy. To drink I had a small glass of apple juice. And in total my bill was $8.88, not bad huh!

My friend had “The One Egg Breakfast” which comes with one egg cooked to order, choice of meat, grits or hash browns, toast or biscuit. So she got hash browns, stone ground organic blue cheese grits (the mozzarella cheese was at the bottom of the bowl and sprinkled on top, not stirred in), a biscuit, and a scrambled egg. They forgot to bring the scrambled egg out, so it came a few minutes after the entree. As we ate, she told me that she would have preferred the cheese to be mixed in and melted with the grits. Her drink was a glass of milk and her bill was about $8.00 as well.

Basically the food was quick, delicious, filling, and cheap. However, please keep in mind that some days you might have to wait for a table, but most of the time there is no wait. We definitely enjoyed our visit, to Over Easy, and will return very soon!

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2 Responses to “Let’s do brunch at “Over Easy”!”

  1. Ke'Eta Porterfield said

    Loved the blog!… I think we will try this restaurant soon!

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