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A Recap of “Break’n Bread”

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on October 21, 2010

Imagine a beautiful day that is filled with free wine, music, and endless food! Well I experienced all of this at “Break’n Bread”.

“Break’n Bread” was a wonderful family event for the foodies of Birmingham. This year it took place at Pepper Place in downtown Birmingham, on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon. Over 30 local restaurants participated and allowed guests to sample food, from their menus. Tickets were $35 and guests were able to get an endless amount of food and drinks. There was live music and a few local vendors, including “B-Metro Magazine” and “Birmingham Bake & Cook Company”. This event was sponsored by the Birmingham Originals, which is a group of local restaurants that promotes some of Birmingham’s best independent restaurants.

I had a wonderful time at this event and I’m going to try to recapture every exciting moment that I experienced, in this entry. Please keep in mind, that I was unable to get the names of many of the dishes that I sampled, but I will give you the obvious descriptions of them. I hope that you enjoy!

First of all, I begin this tasty experience in the VIP Tent with a massage from the students of Virginia College. After the massage I got some wine, talked to friends, and enjoyed live music from the Alabama Allstars.

Next I sampled a few food dishes that were only being served in the VIP Tent.

Eventually, I ventured outside of VIP to visit each restaurant’s tent. The first restaurant that I visited was “Nabeel’s Cafe & Market”. They served pork/beef  meatballs in a red sauce with pita chips & pita bread. This was really good!

The next stop was “Cafe de Paris”. They were serving a unique egg roll filled with beef & vegetables. Honey was drizzled on top.

“Ted’s Restaurant” was serving pork kabobs and Greek slaw. This was really tasty!

“V. Richards” served black beans, guacamole, and a grilled chicken salad. I really enjoyed the guacamole and grilled chicken salad.

“Good People Brewing Company” had refreshing brews.

“Culinard Cafe” offered a scrumptious fancy dessert.

“Century Restaurant & Bar” cooked up some delicious tuna.

“Crestline Bagel Company” gave out pimento salad, chicken salad, bagel chips, brownies, and my favorite was the blueberry bagel with a vanilla glaze on top.

“Hot and Hot Fish Club” had their famous shrimp & grits. I wasn’t too impressed.

“Ocean” served some delicious scallops. You should know that I don’t really like scallops, but I definitely enjoyed these.

“Continental Bakery” served a variety of fresh bread with three dips, including nutella; my favorite!

Even though I didn’t get a picture, I think that “26” offered the best shrimp & grits of all the participating restaurants. A few of the other restaurants at the event were “Daniel George”, “Homewood Gourmet”, “Bright Star”, J. Clyde”, “Mafiaoza’s”, “John’s City Diner”, “Cosmo’s Pizza”, “Cantina”, “Sol y Luna”, and “The Silvertron Cafe”.

“Break’n Bread” was an awesome event and it allowed me to sample cuisine from some of Birmingham’s most famous restaurants. I had a great time and I can’t wait until next year’s event!

Thanks for the photos Nik! Check out Nik Layman Photography:


2 Responses to “A Recap of “Break’n Bread””

  1. shawnsplate said

    How long has this event been held? I’m from Bham and I will make it a priority to attend this event next year.

    • Hey Shawn, I think that this was the second year that this event has taken place. Please remind me and I will keep you updated about next year’s event. Trust me, it’s worth your visit!

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