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A Taste of the Mediterranean in Homewood!

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on August 2, 2010

Last Saturday I ate dinner on the Mediterranean coast! Lol, not really, I ate at “DoDiYós”, a Mediterranean/Greek restaurant in Homewood (Soho Square), but it felt like I was in the country of Greece. “DoDiYós ” is a distinctive destination for fresh, seasonal flavors from every country that touches the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll find authentic Greek dishes as well as foods from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East. One of the owners is George Sarris, who owns the “Seafood Market” in downtown Birmingham.

I met my friend Kellie for dinner. I arrived at the restaurant about 7:00pm and it was packed; luckily I found a parking spot near the front door. I wanted to do valet parking, but there seemed to be only one person working the valet booth, and he was parking another car. Anyway, I walked into the restaurant and did not expect to see what I saw. In the waiting area, there is a huge beige canopy that drapes from the ceiling and it resembles a tent. This is what divides the waiting area from the eating area.

A number of exotic colors, rich woods, handmade textiles, intriguing antiques and collectibles grace this unique restaurant that has a variety of seating. The whole feel of the interior of “DoDiYós” seems to have a Greek nautical theme. Also there is a lively tapas bar, a fresh market and even a small souk.

The market is pictured below, and here you can buy dishes off the menu “to go”, or you can buy an array of other Mediterranean foods.

The small souk is pictured below, and in this area you can buy a variety of Mediterranean spices and goods.

The hostess took me to the table, where Kellie was waiting on me.  And as we walked, I saw that the restaurant was filled with people.

Finally, I made it to the table and saw Kellie. Before we ordered food, we had to take a little bit of time to reminisce because we haven’t seen each other since May 2009. At this time, a waiter brought us some fresh baked bread and hummus with a side of olives. The “Hummus” consists of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon, cayenne pepper, and olive oil. The bread was warm, soft, and good. The “hummus” had just the right amount of consistency and also a great taste; however, we didn’t eat that much of it.

Eventually, our waiter introduced himself and gave us a brief overview of the restaurant; he knew his stuff! We started off with drinks and appetizers. Kellie got the “Raspberry Mojito” and she fell in love with it. The raspberry and mint complimented each other very well she said.

And I got the “Lemon Basil Martini”. The fresh lemon juice wasn’t too sour, but was tangy enough, and there was just the right amount of basil in it. Oh, it was so good!

For an appetizer, we got the “Shrimp Saganaki”. It consisted of feta, fresh steamed shrimp with tomatoes, dill and kalamata olives. It was served on a tarnished brown platter with cubes of loaf bread. You are supposed to eat the bread and the “Shrimp Saganaki” together, but we couldn’t do that because it was the same bread that we had earlier, and we had enough of it already. This dish was authentically Greek, and I can’t compare it to anything American, but it was satisfactorily delicious.

After we ate the appetizer, the waiter took our entree orders. Since the entrees came with a salad, we ate that first. The salad consisted of your standard “Romaine Lettuce”, carrots, and a lite vinaigrette dressing. We could barely taste the vinegar in the salad dressing; however, we could taste the olive oil. Overall, the salad was ok.

Ok, here comes the big moment! The entrees eventually came out and we were both pleased with how our food was presented. Our entrees were covered when the waiters brought them out, and once they were placed in front of us, both waiters lifted the covers simultaneously. This act, definitely gave “DoDiYós” a plus in my book, lol!

Kellie and I ordered, the “Classic Moussaka”. It has layers of eggplant, potatoes, and ground beef beneath saltsa besamel. Ya’ll this dish was so good! The way that it looked, reminded me of lasagna, however, the taste was nowhere near lasagna. I could taste all of the ingredients, plus a nutmeg/cinnamon flavor. Words can’t describe how good this dish was! Kellie enjoyed this dish as well.

Now, ya’ll know that we had to get dessert! So we shared the “Frozen Summer Trio”. This dish allowed us to pick three flavors of sorbet, so we got the peach yogurt, strawberry wine, and lychee. All of the flavors were good, but my favorite was the strawberry wine. Kellie said that this flavor tasted “sexy”, and I must agree. I never had a dish that tasted “sexy” before, but this captured “sexy” in all of its forms. The way it looked, tasted, and the after taste was just pure “sexcellent”. It had the perfect blend of sweetness and wine flavor. I can’t explain anymore, just try it, lol!

“DoDiYós” really provided us with a wonderful unique Mediterranean dining experience. From the interior decor, customer service, food, and market offerings; overall everything was outstanding. This is the perfect place for those who have adventurous taste buds, and also for those whose taste buds are less adventurous. There is something on the menu for everyone and all of it encompasses the Mediterranean flavor. Oh did I mention that you won’t break the bank either!

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2 Responses to “A Taste of the Mediterranean in Homewood!”

  1. Blkgrl said

    Greek is one of my absolute fav cuisines!! I’m excited about this place after just reading the menu! I’m up for some “sexy” dessert. LOL! Kudos to Mr. Sarris for making Birmingham an even more interesting place to eat. :~) I’ll be sure to visit the next time I’m in the neighborhood.

  2. Blkgrl said

    Okay, can you delete my first response? Posted under the wrong name. 🙂

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