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Rockville Town Square

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on July 9, 2010

When we got off of the train, we went to the condo to freshen up and chillax. Once we were re-energized, my uncle took us to a new development called “Rockville Town Square”. It was filled with numerous shops and restaurants, the majority of the places were centered around the town square which was an open area that had tall trees and a pavilion. This was the hangout spot where people sat to rest and listen to local musicians perform, under the pavilion. I forgot to mention, that there were condos above the shops and restaurants. In my opinion, this is the ultimate place to live, work, shop, exercise, and eat! Below I’m pictured in the town square.

Once we parked the car, we walked around to look at restaurant menus and to see what the shops had to offer. The weather was so hot, that I decided to have ice cream. So I found an ice cream parlor called “Gifford’s Ice Cream & Candy Company”. The inside looked very sterile and modern. All of the ice cream was homemade and consisted of some unique flavors. I sampled several of the flavors but I stuck to what I knew and felt like having, and that was “cookies n’ cream”. This flavor was so creamy, and had a strong vanilla flavor with crunchy oreo cookies. Let’s just say it had a wonderful taste!

No one else wanted ice cream, so they continued to shop and I sat in the town square to eat my ice cream and listen to a local band, from the U.S. Navy perform. Later, the family joined me and we all listened to the music together.

Once we were tired of sitting, we continued to walk. We discovered a doughnut shop called the “Fractured Prune”. The name got our attention so we walked in to look at the menu, and we discovered that all of the doughnuts were prepared while you wait. So we decided to try some. I had the “O.C. Sand” doughnut and it was similar to a glaze doughnut but it had honey glaze and cinnamon sugar on top. It was so hot and good, it tasted like a funnel cake to me. We all enjoyed our doughnuts from here.

After shopping and sampling deserts, we decided to go home and eat a meal that my uncle had prepared for us. You must go to “Rockville Town Square” if you are in the area, it’s right outside of Washington D.C. in Rockville, Maryland. I promise there is something for everyone there, and you will enjoy it!


One Response to “Rockville Town Square”

  1. Faye Jackson said

    Wow. I couldn’t help remembering one of your uncle’s talents of placing a succulent hot Krispy Kreme doughnut in his mouth at one time. The way you described this experience took me and yo Moma back in time LOL!

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