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Dining on Amtrak

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on July 9, 2010

Hey ya’ll it’s so good to be back in Birmingham! I had a wonderful vacation and of course I ate well at numerous restaurants in the Washington D.C. area. The next few blog posts will capture my food experiences that I had while I was gone. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

My family and I didn’t take the normal mode of transportation to D.C.; we took the “Amtrak Train”. Yes, I said the train, which takes its time getting to any destination, it also bumps you up and down in your seat, it’s also hard to walk without falling, and don’t even get me started with the bathroom issue, lol! Don’t let those instances scare ya, we had fun and it was the true definition of adventure, because we never know what to expect while on the train. I was thinking about food when we left the train station, even though we had some with us, I wanted food from the train. So I got excited when the dining hostess, began to take dinner reservations just as we left Birmingham. We made our reservation for 5:30pm, in the dinning car.

Me and mom arrived around 5:20pm and sat at a table that was setup like a white tablecloth restaurant. Normally, each table seats four people, and it makes no difference if you know the people or not, however we went at the time when it wasn’t crowded, so it was just us at our table. A picture of the table is below.

Now, you know me, I had already looked at the menu before I left home so I knew what I was going to order, once I sat down. Me and mom both ordered the same thing, which was the “Oven Baked Southern Style Chicken” and it came with a salad and rolls. This dish consisted of three pieces of oven baked chicken, served with rice, and a vegetable medley.

It was so nice being able to eat and look out the window. We sat at the table for almost three hours, just gawking at the scenery. The salads were so good and my honey mustard salad dressing complimented it so well. And I was also amazed with the warm rolls that came with the salad, they had a fresh taste. However, I can’t say that the main entree tasted all that well. Amtrak prided themselves on the “Oven Baked Southern Style Chicken” being a healthy food choice, but once I got it, it was greasy as any other fried chicken would be. This disappointed me because I wanted something healthy. I must say that the vegetables and rice were satisfactory so they helped to fill me up instead. Sorry ya’ll, I couldn’t do the chicken and mom felt the same way!

Since the scenery had captivated us, we were not ready to go after we ate our entrees. So I decided to try a dessert, despite how I felt about my chicken experience. For dessert I got something lite and crisp, the “Ciao Bella Sicilian Lemon Sorbet”. I had no complaints about this item, it was cold, zesty, and I could actually taste pieces of  lemon peel.

Overall, my train dining experience wasn’t terrible but I realized that the workers are working with limited resources in the kitchen. Most of my food was really good. I also realized that I can’t eat a lot while being on the train because it makes me feel queezy. So the next time, I will eat before and just have snacks while I’m on the train; this is exactly what mom and I did on our way back to Birmingham.

I recommend that everyone take the train and dine on it as well, at least once in their lives. It is a fun and scenic adventure that allows you to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to travel for almost 14 hours, like we did to Washington D.C, but please go somewhere!


3 Responses to “Dining on Amtrak”

  1. Faye Jackson said

    Makin me hongry!! I feels like cookn! “LOL. Good blog. Will check u out from now Cuz

  2. Bettina said

    Had my best chicken noodle soup on a train trip from Birmingham to Charlottesville, VA.

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