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Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on June 20, 2010

I’m back! I went to San Destin, FL on vacation with my family, this past week. This is a tradition that we do every year and we had a wonderful time. Of course while I was down there I got some sun and some good food. We went to numerous restaurants and had many home-cooked family dinners, but there was one restaurant that topped my Gulf Coast restaurant experience. It is called “Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe”, located in San Destin, FL at “The Shops of Grand Boulevard”.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the brand “Tommy Bahama”, but many people don’t know about the restaurants associated with this particular brand. I asked our waiter “Is Tommy Bahama still alive?”, and he said “No, Tommy Bahama is not a person, it is a lifestyle that revolves around the beach”. Well, that concept is definitely shown throughout the restaurant and also on the menu. (The restaurant is pictured below)

Once we arrived at the restaurant, I felt like we were at a Polo tournament in Puerto Rico because the outside of the building was so regal, yet casual. The inside was just as nice with the dark hardwood floors, Caribbean decor, and bright neutral colors that adorned the walls, all of which just complemented what I felt from the outside. The atmosphere seemed dressy but allowed you to be casual and feel comfortable. I went with my mom, and two little cousins. We had a seat that overlooked the courtyard of the shopping village. Our waiter was a professional at his job, so he gave us quality customer service. We started off with the ‘Little Cayman Lollipops”, as an appetizer. This dish consisted of chicken that looked like lamb chops, and it had a great distinct taste of sweet & spicy flavors.

The waiter explained how the restaurant is known for its “Cabo Fish Tacos”, so I decided to make this my entree. The dish consisted of blackened white fish, blended corn & flour tortillas, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli, lime sour cream & Asian slaw. The tacos were huge and the presentation was awesome, but they didn’t have an extraordinary taste, they were just ok.The dish was served with fried plantains in a coconut & pineapple yogurt mixture, I didn’t like the yogurt mixture. I would have preferred just the fried plantains. Other recommendations that I have for you are “The Habana Cabana Pork Sandwich”, “Tortola Tortilla Soup”, and the kids “Chicken Quesadilla”. (All pictured below with the fish tacos)

My family didn’t have any complaints about their food, but my mom agreed with me, that the fish tacos didn’t have a unique taste. Other than that, the rest of my experience was awesome. The whole staff was friendly, caring and enthusiastic!

FYI: The prices are a little above reasonable, but the food and experience are worth every penny.

If you are ever in the San Destin area, and want a fun, classy, and exciting Caribbean American food experience, try “Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe”, you won’t regret it. And afterward, you can go shopping at the “Tommy Bahama Store” next door, like I did. Enjoy!


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