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“Spicy Chicken Sandwich” verdict

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on June 6, 2010

So today I got my new “Spicy Chicken Sandwich” from Chick-Fil-A. There were several long lines in the restaurant but each one moved rather quickly, and I didn’t have to wait long. It seemed like everyone had a printed piece of paper in their hand, which was the reservation for the sandwich. I think the reservation strategy proved to be successful and allowed the customers to feel like a VIP; such as me!

I ordered the free sandwich and I paid for a small french fry and drink to go with it. Once I ordered, the cashier saw that it was taking a little longer for the cooks to prepare my food, so she told me to sit down and that she would bring the food to me. I really appreciated that; I pride Chick-Fil-A on their customer service because even in the midst of  large crowds, the workers still maintain a sense of dedication to the customers.

More importantly, the sandwich was spicy and good. I surveyed a few people and many of them say that it tastes like the regular sandwich, except it’s spicy. However, I didn’t feel that way, I think that it has a unique flavor (besides the spice) that adds something extra too it and allows it to be its own entity.

Anyway, go try this new “Spicy Chicken Sandwich” at Chick-Fil-A, it’s very good!


One Response to ““Spicy Chicken Sandwich” verdict”

  1. Blkgrl said

    The restaurant we went to treated us like true VIPs. They’d set up a VIP section with decorations and cloth-covered tables. They brought our food to us and gave us fries and lemonade on the house, too. It was quite nice!

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