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Destin (Part I)

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on May 10, 2010

I had the best weekend at the beach with the guys! We left early Friday morning and took a nice break in Florala, AL, at the lake. Then we arrived in Destin, FL around noon. We checked into our hotel, put up our stuff and immediately went to “Silver Sands Outlet Mall”. This is one of the many shopping destinations in the area, and it has a variety of food offerings as well. I went there craving gelato from “San Gelato Cafe”. I had the mango and banana flavors. Carey had passion fruit and mango, and Stallworth had banana and vanilla. It was all good! So this is what we ate before we started our Mother’s Day shopping and our own personal shopping. For dinner we went to a restaurant called “The Back Porch”.

“The Back Porch” is on the beach, and it is literally a porch with a kitchen, bar, tables, and chairs. We had one of the best seats and here is a pic of the view.

However, the food and service was not as good as the view. All three of us ordered a salad to start off with. My friends both had ranch dressing which was too watered down. My honey mustard was good and the croutons were good. For my entree I got the pick two, so I wanted grilled Mahi Mahi and fried shrimp and the waiter told me that the chef would not cook this.(Pause, first of all he didn’t even ask the chef, to be sure. And I should have consulted with the manager at this time,but I didn’t, now moving on). His attitude and response kind of frustrated me, but I got both items fried as he said the chef would only prepare them. Everyone else was happy with their choices. Well, when the food came out I had this scrawny piece of greasy fried fish. The shrimp and hushpuppies looked good but I wasn’t going to pay and be happy with that little piece of fish. Everyone else had large pieces of fried fish that wasn’t dripping grease. So I told the waiter, and he told me “too bad, sorry” and walked off. My blood was boiling but I remained in control and asked another waiter to see the manager.

The manager was very nice and apologetic. I really liked her! She consulted with the chef and they grilled my Mahi Mahi and gave me freshly fried shrimp and hushpuppies. The food was good but I had to go through too much to get it right. Of course my friends were upset as well. So you can imagine what kind of tip we left the waiter.

After this experience, we relaxed by walking on the beach. When we left the beach, we went by Krispy Kreme and got donuts, went back to the hotel and sat at the jacuzzi and ate them. Then we went to bed because we were pooped!


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