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The “Double Down” @ KFC

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on April 12, 2010

I am very upset with Kentucky Fried Chicken right now! I’m sure that you are all aware of  the new “Double Down” that KFC created. It is a so called sandwich made with 2 pieces of boneless  fried chicken breast and in between the 2 pieces of chicken is cheese, bacon and a special sauce. There is no bread in this sandwich concoction!

I feel that this creation is fattening and harmful to the health of consumers. I don’t even have to do research to know that this new dish is filled with excess calories that can change one’s health dramatically. This makes me think twice about KFC and if it truly appreciates its customers. If anyone appreciates something, they are not going to harm it in any way, they are going to nourish it and make sure that it stays healthy and happy. Furthermore, with this new dish KFC is telling its customers that ” It’s ok to pay to eat fat, just know that  we’re not going to pay your medical bills, once you get sick, from this sickening concoction”. That just shows poor customer service in my opinion, and that is a “Double Downer” in my book.

Not too long ago KFC had a positive healthy image with their “Baked Chicken”, which is very good. I was very proud when they made the decision to add this item to the menu because it showed that they wanted their customers to get healthy and eat nutritional items. Now with the Double Down, KFC is basically saying “I don’t care about you or your health anymore; I just want your money.” To be honest, this philosophy sucks!

You can be sure that I don’t plan on supporting KFC anymore, until they take this harmful and toxic item off of the menu. I’m sorry if I offended anyone who likes the Double Down, but you need to be aware that if you love yourself and your health, you might not want to eat it again!


3 Responses to “The “Double Down” @ KFC”

  1. Marcus Bishop said

    I totally agree with you. There’s a KFC by my house, and a few of my friends went to try the “sandwich” out. Needless to say, they immediately regretted the decision to eat the Double Down. On a related point, have you seen the tv show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?” Its basically this famous British chef that goes to Huntingdon, WV to teach the population how to cook and eat healthier. You should check it out. It comes on Fridays at 8:00 on ABC.

    • dlburnes said

      I don’t know why KFC made that mess, lol! Yea, I saw that show and I’m proud of what the chef is trying to do, even though people are giving him a hard time.

  2. Blkgrl said

    Yeah, no good can come of this “sandwich.” Looks like KFC has decided to move away from the healthy-eating-at-fast-food-restaurants revolution. At at time when consumers are being offered healthier choices, such as apple slices and 1% milk, it’s surprising that corporate decided to go with this heart attack-in-waiting. Boooo on the Colonel!

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