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Easter Sunday

Posted by bhamfoodscoop on April 4, 2010

So today, I woke up and got ready for church. This morning, was kind of hectic because everything I put on, I didn’t wanna wear. Anyway, I found something I liked and hurried out the door. When I got to church, I had to park in overflow parking because it was packed. It was great to see everyone in their Easter outfits and Spring attire; with this style of dress came a buoyant spirit. I couldn’t even get my normal seat because people were everywhere. This was even more people than the Sunday before Christmas, wow!

After church, I came home and had a quick bite to eat and now we’re preparing to go to my aunt’s for a big dinner. Everyone will be there and I’m excited to see them all. It’s gonna be so much food that I don’t know what all it will be, but I do know that my mom made a coconut cake and I colored the Easter Eggs. One of the main highlights will be the Easter Egg Hunt because everyone plays along. Oh, and I also can’t wait to get my Easter basket, yea I still get a basket, lol!

I hope that you all enjoy your families and friends on this special day! Happy Easter!


2 Responses to “Easter Sunday”

  1. Cannon said

    really enjoying following ur blog DL. Easter was very special for me too. My older brother, mother, father, and I went down and spent it with my little brother in FL.

  2. dlburnes said

    Thanks Cannon, I’m glad ya’ll had fun!

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