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Posted by bhamfoodscoop on March 16, 2010

Today was cloudy and dreary outside, but inside my life the sun was shining as bright as ever. I met up with a friend who is helping me find a nice suit to wear to my aunt’s huge birthday party, next week. My friend is a designer who just moved here from Denver, so she took me to some hot spots in town to find a cool outfit. Of course you know I got hungry during the process, so we decided to have lunch at “Bottega Restaurant and Cafe”.

Upon arriving on the front patio, of the restaurant, I felt like I had been transported to some chic European town. The hostess sat us in a prime location to people watch and enjoy the view. I’m so happy to almost always get great seats in restaurants. Our waiter was knowledgeable about every item on the menu because I asked numerous questions since I wasn’t sure what to order. FYI:  When I go to a restaurant, I can put on a show because I like to know the waiter’s favorite menu items, how things are prepared, what’s popular on the menu, and other things; my guests are always entertained by me! Ultimately, I got the Spaghetti Bologonesse and my friend got the Bottega Burger. We both enjoyed the entrees, and for desert we ordered the Pecan Coconut Cake covered in a vanilla sauce. All of this food was so good, simple as that!

Frank Stitt is the owner of this restaurant and he is a home-grown world renowned chef, so that explains why the food is exceptional and why there is so much attention to detail. The customer service was excellent and was complemented when one of the waiters opened the door for us to leave the restaurant. I’ve never been to a restaurant where the workers run to open the door for someone to enter or exit, lol! This experience filled my VIP Treatment meter to the max today and I am so happy.

Furthermore, if you want a classy European experience filled with good food and quality customer service, go to Bottega, and you will probably see me there!


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