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Posted by bhamfoodscoop on February 25, 2010

Now, ya’ll know I like to eat out, but I am very health conscious. Eating out can be fattening if you don’t know what to order and if you don’t know your body needs to be healthy. I am a big proponent of eating vegetables at least 5 times a week; my favorites are green vegetables. I’ve always been taught that vegetables help cleanse your system and keep you healthy; this is so true! Restaurants offer a lot of starches and greasy foods, but many more are currently on the “health conscious” craze and I think that is awesome!

To back up my green vegetable philosophy, I try to order a salad at any restaurant, that I go to, if I have not already had my vegetables before I left home or if I intend to eat vegetables when I return home. Fruit is also another key ingredient to a healthy diet. For example, when I go to “Zoes Kitchen” I always get a side of fruit and it just makes me feel good knowing that I took my health into consideration, while eating.

I know that it is not always easy to eat healthy, but I have tried to make that a priority in my life because if I eat correctly now, there will be lower chance of health concerns as I get older.


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